Treatment with FlixabiTM can give your patients many benefits

  • Regular HCP touchpoints reassure your patients whilst allowing you to monitor them
  • For patients with self administration difficulties relief from the burden of injection planning and injection
  • Reassurance that their medication has been administered by a professional

FlixabiTM (infliximab) features1


A shelf life of up to 4 years (2-8ºC)


Stable at temperatures up to 25°C for a single period of up to 6 months, but not exceeding the original expiry datea


34 days chemical and physical in use stability of the diluted solution after aseptic reconstitution at 2 °C to 8 °C and for an additional 24 hours at 25 °C after removal from refrigerationb


This stability can reduce waste and costs2


It can also help to Increase efficiency during administration2

a The new expiry date must be written on the carton. Upon removal from refrigerated storage, Flixabi™ must not be returned to refrigerated storage

b From a microbiological point of view, the infusion solution should be administered immediately, in use storage times and conditions prior to use are the responsibility of the user and would normally not be longer than 24 hours at 2 °C to 8 °C, unless reconstitution/dilution has been taken place in controlled and validated aseptic conditions.


FlixabiTM (infliximab) indications

FlixabiTM (infliximab) is indicated for a wide range of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (rheumatological, dermatological and gastroenterological diseases).